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Tarmac Repair and Tarmac Repair Coating, superior alternative to Tarmac Paint

HomeTarmaseal has been designed as a high quality restoration product for tarmac and asphalt surfaces. It was originally designed with commercial applications in mind, but is now available as an easy to apply DIY tarmac repair product for homeowners.

Unlike cheap bitumen based tarmac paint and tarmac repair products available in DIY shops, Tarmaseal is a high quality acrylic water based pigmented tarmac restorer. Tarmaseal not only transforms the surface, it also replaces lost resins and colour from the Tarmac. 

Once applied the tarmac surface will be protected, re-coloured and restored. If a top up coat of Tarmaseal is applied every few years, it will stay in good condition for years.

 Home Tarmaseal features & benefits

  • Simple DIY Tarmac repair process
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Uniform finish to repaired or previously laid Tarmac.
  • Totally restores colour loss from Tarmac.
  • Durable, long term restoration product
  • Easy re-application when required
  • Covers stains, spills and concrete residue.
  • Minimises and makes future maintainence far easier.
  • Reduces 'stone loss' and 'fretting'.
  • Waterproofs, seals and protects Asphalt and Tarmac.
  • Resistant to staining.
  • Vastly superior to artifical looking Tarmac 'paint'
  • Restricts moss and algae

    If after reading the information on our website you decide DIY tarmac repair is not the right option for you, please get in touch. We have a nationwide network of Tarmaseal registered installers who can carry out the work for you and carry out minor tarmac repairs as well. Visit the registered agent page and we will soon be in touch to organise a free quotation.

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